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Smart Power Strip (Insert Coin Finalist) offers a simple, affordable solution, letting you control and monitor appliances in real-time using your smartphone. The power strip has outlets that can be managed individual via your handset both at home and remotely. The strip also features two USB ports for charging and SmartThings compatibility.

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Never worry about leaving the cooker on again! A new app could put your mind at rest. Built-in timer lets users turn heater on before get home. Use to monitor home's energy use. Receive notification if appliance switch on. Or, use as parental control, remotely switch off games consoles if the child won't go to sleep.

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Below are some of my work done in the past

Smart Power Strip

Control, monitor power consumption, automate appliances from anywhere.  Dual 2.4Ghz (WiFi + MESH).  SmartThings compatible. Stylish design. Successfully funded on Kickstarter.  2013  


Revolutionary Security Camera & Baby Monitor in one. Powered by Skype. Simple & Easy to use.  2013   

TV combo

Digital TV.  Built-in DVD+Karaoke.  Sleek, VESA standard.  PATENTED. 2007 

DVD player

Piano black finishing.  Built-in DVB-T.  Slim & Light.  PATENTED. 2006 

Smart frame

Smart Digital Photo Frame.  Runs latest Android OS.  Table-stand or Mount on refrigerator.  2011 

Smart notebook

Notebook-formed Android.  First touch screen + Full Qwerty keyboard.  2010 

Pocket TV

4.3" Handheld TV.  Built-in ATSC (MH).  The thinnest in the market.  2009 


Capacitive sensor buttons.  Built-in DVB-T & media player.  Vibrant, palm-sized.  2008 

Portable media player

2.5" Multimedia player.  Built-in 30GB.  Slim & Sleek.  2006 





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